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In order to enroll your child in these life-saving lessons, parents must complete our registration process.  You will be unable to register until a mutually agreed-upon time for lessons and start date has been established.  We cannot guarantee that space will be available at a time that works well for you and your child.  

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $120 for the first child, and $80 for each sibling registered at the same time.  This fee includes the initial REQUIRED swim diaper (even if they are fully potty-trained) and wetsuit for all children, as well as one book (Ethan Saves Himself!) for the family.

Lesson fees for the initial one-on-one survival lessons or for private refresher lessons are per child and are paid directly to the Instructor on a weekly basis with either cash, check or major credit card.  Since each pool charges different rental rates, this tuition is based upon location.   Please remember that we will be meeting 4 days per week (Monday through Thursday) for these lessons.

All group sessions (Aquababies, FunDays and Strokes n’ Floats) are paid in full on the first day of class.  Cost will be prorated for students who finish private lessons and join mid-session.

Make-up Policy

Our pricing reflects the fact that a typical swimmer may only make 80% of their group classes due to illness, recitals and/or vacations.  Therefore, no make-ups will be scheduled unless your child falls behind the rest of the class.  Should this occur, additional lessons will be scheduled for catch-ups.  You are welcome to “stand-by” for a class that has less than 4 students on a first-come basis.  Consult your instructor at the pool or via email (infantaquaticsct@gmail.com) to determine if an opening exists for your child’s age and ability.